About United Way of Northern British Columbia

Since 1967, United Way of Northern BC has been mobilizing everyday people and organizations to contribute to programs that support communities in the north.

People might know us for our wide range of initiatives that have reached thousands of people and their communities in Northern BC since we began, currently affecting 23 municipalities and 86 First Nations communities. We may also be known for our fundraising events, like the Shell Golf Tournament in Taylor, Tree of Lights in Prince George, or the Fire Truck Pull in Fort St John. People might also know us as a result of participation in an employee payroll donation campaign at their workplace or have seen the United Road Tour bus come through the streets of a Northern BC town. However we come to be known, we demonstrate our commitment to Northern BC, standing with the people, at work in the communities, and extending the arm of support to those who are in need.


Improve communities in Northern BC through connecting resources to local needs.


Everyone in every Northern BC community has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We’re listening to what people are saying. The demands of contemporary living and our desires for how we engage with our communities are evolving. To adapt to the ever-changing world and needs of the well-connected individual, we are on the edge of dramatic transformation in our organization. From inside out, we are actively changing, responding to what we’ve heard from both our donors and the communities we serve.

We are embarking upon a new journey to connect people in Northern BC to where the need is the greatest, to empowering people and organizations with opportunities to make a difference in their local community, the ability to see the direct impact they are making, and to know they are doing something amazing for someone right where they live.

  • We are the most efficient fundraisers by building relationships with individuals and organizations in the communities we serve with minimal staff and maximum knowledge.

  • We are community collaborators so more of your dollars have a direct impact on local issues and the people that need it most.

  • We make it easy on donors by making one ask for funding rather than them receiving individual requests from the 125+ organizations we support.

  • We are an assembly of donors, advocates, volunteers and partners who fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community in Northern BC.

  • We are mobilizers of the caring power of the people around the entire Northern BC region!

  • We are the Titans of non-profits! Our history and strength give us the ability to provide stable, ongoing support.

  • We are the go-to place for social impact; a philanthropic marketplace that meets the needs of today s empowered individuals.


Together we are making impossible happen.


Discover how you can make a meaningful
contribution to your community.

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