United Way – Tree of Lights

UWNBC is thrilled to bring the United Way Tree of Lights back this holiday season. The United Way team continues to work hard to connect with community partners to ensure that Prince George’s long-standing holiday tradition is bigger and better than ever before. The tree this year aims to UNITE the local community through #LocalLove by bringing a light of hope and joy during one of the most challenging and unprecedented times we have faced together.

Our mission of improving lives by connecting resources to the local needs is the driving force behind this newly visioned campaign. Our ongoing outreach to local agencies has made it evident how critical social service programming and services have been through the pandemic. We continue to see that an extraordinary amount of help is needed to ensure these agencies keep up with the demand that has increased significantly and shows no sign of changing.

In an effort to bring together resources to address the rapidly growing needs in the local community, the goal this year has been set to $50,000. This will support the vital social service programming and fill the gaps that the pandemic has created in the social service sector right here in Prince George.

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Let’s be UNITED this season through #LocalLove!

Help us light the tree to bring the joy of the holidays to our community.

Thank you for showing your local love and supporting United Way Tree of Lights!

This holiday season, give to make an impact in your local community!

Please join us at one or all of the following events!

Donated gift cards will be provided to a pre-selected local agency to be given directly to people suffering from poverty or used by the non-profit to support programs/services helping to provide a hand up for those in or on the verge of poverty. And, for every gift card donation, you will get a McDonalds GC for a warm drink that you can either keep or give back, and we will give it to the needy!

Books will be donated to a pre-selected local agency to be used for children’s programs/services or provided directly to families/children who need them or otherwise could not afford them. And, Santa will be on site!

All the donated items will be provided to local agencies to be provided directly to those who need them the most.





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