One of the ways companies and volunteers can get involved with the United Way of Northern BC is by requesting a Seeing is Believing Tour. In addition to supporting the work the United Way does, the Seeing is Believing Tour allows participants to become better informed on some of the programs offered.

Participants can meet face to face with people who benefit from their donations and hear their stories of struggle and triumph. Some of these people may have had unfortunate events that have changed their lives, and you can hear about the challenges they may have faced, and see how donating through the United Way of Northern British Columbia is making a positive impact.

This leaves a lasting impression on those who experience Seeing is Believing.

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If you are interested in signing your company up for a Seeing is Believing tour please click the “apply now” button to access the application form. If you have any questions about the tours, please call us at (250) 561-1040.

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