Period Promise Recipient Agency Confirmation

We are so glad you are joining us for the 2023 Period Promise campaign! 

It's truly important that we have great partner agencies (like you!) join us to make sure that the product collected during the campaign reaches those in need.
If you've joined us in the past, you may recall we sent you a Letter of Agreement (LOA) to sign to participate in the program. In our efforts to always keep things streamlined and simple as possible, we are moving to a online form to confirm your participation. Quick and easy!
*Please Note* It is intended that a person in a position of authority complete this form as the agency is agreeing to the guidelines of the program.
The Terms of Participating in UWNBC's Period Promise Program are as follows:
  • to actively engage in the 2023 launch of United Way's Period Promise in Northern BC between the dates of May 1 - 28, 2023. This can be, but is not limited to, through sharing of information via social media and in-person conversation, should opportunities arise.
  • to receive menstrual products collected from your community as part of the 2023 campaign. Delivery is being coordinated, to the best of our ability, between the dates of May 29 - June 9.
  • to receive any funds raised during the 2023 campaign that are designated to your community to purchase menstrual products and distribute them as part of the inventory received from the 2023 campaign.
  • to distribute and allow access to menstrual products to those who are experiencing period poverty within your community. Participation in the program means the removal of all barriers around the access to menstrual products.
  • to submit a Period Promise Participant Report (link to be provided) once the product your agency receives from the 2023 campaign is exhausted. You will need to report on when the product ran out, impact estimates, learnings from participation, suggestions and feedback for UWNBC.
  • to be responsive to any further requests or communications around UWNBC's Period Promise campaign for 2023.
Once you submit this form, a copy will be sent to your email so you have record of the terms of participation.