United Way of Northern British Columbia

With the large geographical region we serve in BC, we face many unique challenges. Many Northern BC communities struggle with a scarcity of resources due to their rural and remote nature. Incomplete communication networks, inadequate internet connectivity, retention of trained professionals, funding for health and social services, are just a few of the items that continue to present barriers in the north.

Our advantage is that we understand where we serve, and what the challenges are. We also know the needs in these areas and who is best suited to help change the lives of the valued people living in these regions.

That is why our most precious resource is people. Strong, courageous, and generous people whose commitment we harness to overcome all of these challenges, enabling us to serve the equally strong and courageous people of these communities. This support and connection between the people within Northern BC is our greatest advantage.

People want to give – and we want to give back to the people!

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Our Administration office is located in Prince George. Have a question? Please contact us.

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