Thank you to all the community-minded corporates and individuals for showing their local love by helping us tackle local issues in communities across Northern BC. Because of you, we’re able to invest resources where they are needed the most.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to succeed. To have meaningful education and employment. To put food on the table. To be able to raise a healthy family and support loved ones. To feel like they belong. With your support, we are making it a reality.

Your support enables us to remain strong and steady in our resolve to fight local issues and provide the much-needed support to the northern communities.

Thank you for standing with the community. For being part of the solution.

The following is a list of the individual and corporate leaders that helped us to make larger impact in communities across Northern BC

COVID-19 Response

Donors who made it possible for us to respond to the pandemic rapidly.


Top Corporate Leaders that, through workplace campaigns, special events and corporate gifts donated to create maximum lasting impact.

Event Sponsors

365 Small Business Circle

365 SBC – Leadership Members

365 SBC – Proud Members


Donors who contribute $1,200 or more yearly

Avi Sinclair
Phillip Dyck
Dr. Lawrence Fredeen
John Androsky
Terry Harris
Kim Reinbolt
Lorene Bennett
Gurneal Jaswal
Ron Mouw
Ken Macky
Lorne Calder
Kathleen Juneau (FSJ)
Richard Sellars
Erwin Matzelle

Gordon Burgess
Simon Pow
Bryan Denman
Greg Crawford
Chris Bertucci
Rob Freindorf
Kim Bittner
Albert Collins
Ross Lennox
Michelle Peters
Bryan Lutyk
Tej Nijjar
Jim Butler
Richard Lacoski

Sungho Kim
Kelly Backman
Randy Swanson
Jeff Spenst
Ashley Wood
Matthew Braun
Martina Humphrey
Cindy Thomson
Tracey James
Kevin Truong
Matthew Lavis

100Docs Challenge

Dr. Lawrence Fredeen
Dr. Mohau Kolisang
Dr. Kirsten Miller

Dr. Barbara Kane
Dr. Devan Reddy

Days of Caring

Bank of Montreal / Better at Home Kitimat – Spring Yard Clean up for a Senior
Bank of Montreal / Better at Home Terrace – Spring Yard Clean up for a Senior
CIBC / Better at Home Kitimat – Spring Yard Clean up for a Senior
Scotiabank/Better at Home Kitimat – Spring Yard Clean up for a Senior
Scotiabank / Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) – Decorating hall for “Holiday of Hope”
Kelson Group / Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) – Fence repair and new roof onto shed and Moss House

Special Recognition

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