Helping people get healthy and stay healthy, physically and mentally

Helping people get healthy and stay healthy, physically and mentally

A community is only as strong as the sum of its parts. But in too many places across Northern BC, residents find it difficult to access the essential services and supports they need to succeed. These barriers are often amplified for vulnerable individuals—including seniors, people living with disabilities and newcomers—and can lead to challenges like social exclusion and mental illness

The strength of a community is in the wellbeing of the people who live there. Everyone – no matter who they are or where they live – needs the chance to reach their full potential.


United Way of Northern British Columbia provides access to critical community health and social services that support individuals, families, seniors, and particularly those who are struggling with physical or mental health issues.


To build vibrant neighbourhoods where residents can experience a sense of safety and well-being, and can feel connected and involved in their communities.

3.7 million: The number of Canadians aged 25-64 who reported having a physical or intellectual disability in 2012.

The foundation for a strong community starts with investing in services and supports for people and families in need. Mental health counselling, training sessions and engagement opportunities are just some of the many vital, community-based resources
that help make a difference.



Provides a senior living with Alzheimer’s with a weekly visit for three months

Provides a woman who has experienced violence with 16 weeks of group therapy

Your support fuels United Way’s work in helping to strengthen neighbourhoods across Northern British Columbia so we can all share in the collective benefits of healthy, vibrant and prosperous communities.

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United Way agencies helped AJ when he left home as a teen. Now, he’s reconnected with his family, thinking about school, and helping other young people.

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