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365 Small

Business Circle

Benefits of joining the Small Business Circle

  • 365 Small Business Circle Member decal and rights to use 365 logo
  • Listing and link on UWNBC’s website and in UWNBC’s Annual Report
  • Invitations to all our campaign networking events
  • Advertising in UWNBC’s print materials and e-newsletters when featuring the 365 Small Business Circle
  • Recognition through UWNBC’s social media platforms
  • Networking opportunities with 365 Small Business Circle members
  • Exclusive access to educational opportunities to help you and your business
  • Feature recognition with leadership logo with a 365 Small Business Circle Leadership Gift of $600 or greater on all of the above listings

Join the 365 Small Business Circle

Small business is at the heart our community. The goal of every business is to create a relationship with customers that establishes trust and encourages loyalty. Research shows supporting a cause can do just that. By teaming up with United Way, your business makes an immediate, positive impact in the community and this tells your customers that you are committed to your community.

“$1 a day will make it possible to bring change”

Show Your Local Love

For as little as $1 a day, or $365 a year, you can create big, lasting impacts in your community by taking part in the Small Business Circle. Your gift goes directly to help tackle the #unignorable issues prevalent in your community.


Together we are making impossible happen.


Discover how you can make a meaningful
contribution to your community.

Invest in your community to see change at a local level. Your gift gives your family, friends, and neighbours a hand up when they need it most.


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