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Roberta Squire
Roberta SquireCEO

Every year, thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies and organizations across Northern BC show their commitment to people in our communities by supporting the United Way of Northern BC.

The outpouring of time and resources from all of our volunteers, donors, agencies, business and labour supporters, is a testament to how much we can do when we all work together.

Thank you to the people and organizations who help make giving a way of life. You are strengthening families, nurturing healthy &  successful children, ensuring dignity and inclusion for people struggling with personal, emotional and physical challenges, and helping seniors remain involved and active in communities in Northern BC.

Our capacity to serve communities in northern BC is dependent on individuals and groups, like you, that form the very core of communities. Working with people across Northern BC, we remain committed to addressing the root causes of our most critical social issues.

Our thanks again to all of you who have made the commitment to make northern BC a better place for everyone. We believe in community. We believe in possibility. We believe in the United Way.