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United Way of Northern BC is governed by a volunteer Board, a diverse group of community leaders and key decision-makers who shape our strategic plan, ensure that donor support is used effectively, and monitor overall organizational performance. These individuals—and pillars of our communities—are passionate about the United Way of Northern BC and dedicated to our mission of improving lives and strengthening communities across the region.

Board of Directors

Sotirios Korogonas, Board Chair – General Manager, Canfor
Laurel Campbell, Treasurer – CFO, Nisga’a
Leona Wilkinson, Secretary – Accountant, Schmitz, Anderson & Neilson
Russ Beerling, Director – Business Owner, self-employed
Andy Ackerman, Director – Consultant, Myriad Consulting
Matthew Dawes, Director – Financial Planner, SunLife Financial
Matthew Warkentin, Director – Energy Manager, Canfor
Sandra Clermont, Director – HR Director, Northern Spirit Transportation
Stephanie Leong, Director – Lawyer, Health, Sadler, Jenkins LLP
Dr. William Osei, Director – Director of Health, Northern Health