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United Way's focus is to identify and resolve pressing community issues, and to make measurable changes in communities through partnerships with schools, government agencies, businesses, organized labor, financial institutions, community development corporations, voluntary and neighborhood associations, the faith community, and others.
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Community Development: Community Entity for the Homelessness Initiative

Last year the United Way Northern BC was appointed as the Community Entity for the Homelessness Initiative in Prince George with a five-year mandate. Michele and her colleagues at UWNBC provide vital resources and support for local agencies grappling with the challenges associated with poverty and homelessness. With funding from Service Canada managed by the United Way, Community Partners Addressing Homelessness (CPAH) meets once a month to establish needs and develop strategies for addressing those needs. At present there are seven robust programs running under the guidance of CPAH: Active Support Against Poverty, Positive Living North, Prince George Brain Injured Group Society, St. Vincent dePaul Society, the Northern John Howard Society of BC, Prince George Metis Housing Society and Kerry Pateman Planning Services. Each group is dedicated to addressing a unique issue, be it access to healthy meals, assistance finding affordable housing, or gaining the skills to reenter the workforce after suffering a medical setback. According to Michele, their ‘Housing First’ approach is proving extremely successful. “We’re giving people who are chronically – or episodically – homeless a place to live first, and continuing to support them while they gain independence and make lasting, positive changes.”