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United Way Receives $250k from MCFD for Early Years Initiatives

The United Way of Northern BC (UWNBC) will continue to make life better for children and families across the north thanks to a recent contribution.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development awarded $250,000 to the group on Monday that will assist Child and Family Early Year Initiatives across the region.

How the money is spent comes down to what each community needs.

“Stakeholders in those areas that are involved and very knowledgeable about early years and they then assess what their community needs for their area and then they just send in a proposal to us and we grant them that money,” says Roberta Squire, United Way of Northern BC CEO.

The new funding will go directly into programs and initiatives that will strengthen community activities and give parents increased support Squire says. “Northern BC for many years had one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada and the fact is children remain poor because […]

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Sowing Seeds of Change

In response to a high unemployment rate coupled with low literacy, the Upper Skeena Development Centre created the Senden Holistic Youth Program that helps youth gain the confidence and life skills needed to become successful adults. With guidance and support from many local partners, a local advisory composed of elders, traditional knowledge keepers and service providers, and funding from the United Way of Northern BC, Senden programs build skills, knowledge and confidence for youth.

This program is unique in that in takes a holistic approach to youth development by focusing on connection – a connection to self, others and the land. By engaging youth and their families in gathering and growing food, and exploring traditional and modern teachings, the program cultivates personal and community well-being. Senden’s summer program runs from May to September and youth aged 17-26 come to the historic farmhouse three days a week to learn how to plant, grow, rotate […]

Baby Boxes: Reducing Infant Mortality Rates

United Way distributed Baby Boxes to Baby’s Best Chance Pregnancy Outreach and the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre in Fort St John today.

For over 75 years, Finland’s expectant mothers have been given a box by the government. It’s like a starter kit of clothes, sheets and toys that can even be used as a bed, and it has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

One of the most common ways babies die is by accidental suffocation — being smothered by sleeping too close to parents, pillows, soft toys or blankets. The idea behind the boxes is to remove all those objects and promote safe sleep — cheaply — for all moms.

By distributing Baby Boxes from The Baby Box Company, United Way helps provide a safe sleeping environment and support to parents to give them the resources needed to provide a […]

The Hero Effect Focuses on Foster Care

“Treehouse Foundation,” Airs on Saturday, May 13 at 10:00 am EST or you can view the episode here.

The Treehouse Foundation highlights a community founded to ensure children who have experienced foster care find lifelong family relationships. Treehouse Foundation (Easthampton, MA) is re-envisioning foster care in America through intergenerational programs where children in foster care and the elderly come together to support one another, leading to fulfilling and productive lives. As founder and foster parent Judy Cockerton would attest, they need to know they’re not in the foster care system because they did something wrong. Many times older people age out themselves to live in senior housing where they feel isolated. With still so much to give, they offer valuable teachings to the kids. Together they form a loving community.

Hannah’s Safe Place

Diagnosed with autism when she was a toddler, Hannah, 14, refused to go to school or even leave the house. Her mother tried everything to get Hannah to attend school, but the teen became even more isolated and withdrawn.

Hannah’s mother began attending the Cooking with North Coast Community Services (NCCS) program in Prince Rupert and invited Hannah to come along. Meeting every Friday night, the group prepares a meal together while the younger children are looked after on the other side of the room.

At first, Hannah just wanted to cuddle the babies instead of helping prepare or clean up after the meal. With the urging of Infant Development Consultant, Sarah Browne, Hannah began cleaning up, and eventually came to enjoy helping chop vegetables, cooking and socializing with the group.

Hannah’s mother came home from work one day and found Hannah cooking one of the meals she learned from […]

United Way and RBC Passing It On…

Through the generous donation of 20 Telus Hockey cup tickets from RBC Bank and their close relationship with United Way Northern BC, a wonderful opportunity has been opened for kids to attend the hockey game tonight.

“We are simply overjoyed at RBC’s generosity and our working relationship with United Way” said Tara Legault – Coordinator of Marketing at the YMCA. “United Way funds our after school youth program in Prince George. They contacted us with the offer to enable kids to attend the hockey game and we were excited for our kids. This is a great opportunity for the kids who would usually not have access to an event like the Telus Cup.”

United Way has funded the Y-Citizens After School Program for a number of years. Through the program kids are able to receive quality after school care, leadership and a safe environment before their parents get home from work.

United Way of Northern BC […]

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G.R.A.S.P – Getting Real About Suicide Prevention Training

United Way of Northern BC has been a consistent funder of  the Crisis Prevention, Intervention and Information Centre for Northern BC because of the amazing work they do in helping our most vulnerable populations. With this in mind,  we were extremely excited to have Sandra Boulianne and her team in Terrace for three days last week to provide G.R.A.S.P –  Getting Real About Suicide Prevention training to our Terrace youth.

The Crisis Centre provides education workshops aimed at building suicide safer communities.  Their  training includes skills training, healthy coping, communication, peer support and education to prevent and respond to crisis and suicide

They collaborate with and support agencies, front line workers, social workers, first responders, education providers, industry and the general public to develop an approach to suicide prevention.

Sandra  and her team will also be in Kitimat this May 26th to 28th to provide the same training to teens in the community.

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TD Bank is music to our ears….

Quesnel, BC – The TD Bank, through the United Way, has provided $1,000 to assist The North Cariboo Aboriginal Program Society to fund a music program targeted at youth in Quesnel. The money will be used to purchase musical instruments for the society’s Youth After-School Leadership Program located at Baker Elementary School, 610 Wade Avenue.

“We are simply overjoyed at TD Bank’s gift of music” said Lorene Pulles – Team Leader. “Music is a great method for teens to build teamwork skills, think creatively and explore new talents and this funding will give youth who do not otherwise have access to musical instruments the opportunity to explore their musical talents and to participate in musical sessions.”

The Youth After-School Leadership Program sees anywhere from five to thirty children attend each day. The youth were consulted in what instruments they wanted at the centre.  They have been able to purchase a piano and three acoustic guitars.  […]

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A Mind at Peace

Thanks to you, a United Way youth-counselling program became the difference between life and death for Parker McDowell, who once struggled with mental health.  

Parker McDowell struggled with depression and suicidal feelings throughout his teens. For him, it was a revolving door of psychiatrists, medication and trouble with the law. But, because of gifts like yours, Parker accessed a drop-in counselling program for youth—just one of United Way’s many mental-health initiatives that provide crucial support to people, right when they need it—no waitlists, no appointments, and no fees required. Now, having finished high school and working, Parker’s on the path to a better tomorrow: “My thoughts are happy and I’m excited for the future,” he says.

A Springboard to Success

Thanks to your gift, Fardowsa connected with a United Way early-years program—one that has encouraged a love of learning and confidence in her daughters.

Like every parent, Fardowsa Weheliye wants to provide the very best for her children. But, as a single, unemployed mother of two, she struggled to give her young girls the best start in life. “They were shy,” she recalls. “Interacting and sharing with other kids was tough.” Things were hard on her, too—Fardowsa was feeling increasingly isolated. But, thanks to your generous support, Fardowsa was able to connect with a United Way program that provides young children with literacy training, arts and crafts, and music and dance activities—the vital building blocks they need to become prepared for school. The best part? It’s a welcoming space where kids and parents can forge new friendships.

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