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Mills and Timken Volunteers with Michele Brooke, Campaign Officer, United Way Northern BC.


28 August 2018

United Way of Northern BC Day of Caring® – Telus, Staples, Timken, Mills, and United Way of Northern BC collaborate for the Salvation Army’s Back-Pack Program

On August 23, 2018, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, United Way Northern BC (UWNBC) planned a “Day of Caring®” with The Salvation Army for the 2018 Back To School Backpack Program. Made possible through generous donations from Telus and Staples; School District 57, Timken, Mills, UWNBC, and the Salvation Army teamed up to make 400 ‘back to school’ backpacks available for vulnerable students in Prince George.

“Teaming up with the community makes overwhelming projects become easier, fun, and rewarding opportunities to come together and fulfill a need in our community. Partnering with the United Way makes finding those community participants just that much easier. We were able today to provide school supplies to 400 students.” Says Sharon Harder, Volunteer Coordinator with The Salvation Army.

Through the generous help of volunteers from Timken and Mills, The Salvation Army received help with getting these 400 “back to school” back-packs prepared. And with the commitment of United Way volunteers, kids from elementary to Grade 12 will have the materials they need for when schools’ return.

“It was great to see so many likeminded individuals attend and offer their support for this event. I am pleased that the United Way bridged the connection, so that we had the opportunity to participate in this Day of Caring® event. I love to offer my assistance in any way I can.” said one Mills volunteer.

Mills Staff Volunteer

“My organization has a long partnering history with the United Way. This was my second Day of Caring®. I have two young children and it was a small effort on my part to complete the task. It brought me great joy and satisfaction knowing that vulnerable kids will have their needs met. I am looking forward to future volunteer partnerships that focus on helping others in need.” Says Sarah from Timken.

“It was good to meet lots of volunteers and for donations of supplies to come in from unknown organizations. It’s meaningful to provide “back-packs for school” packs and brighten the future for the children. It was an honor to be one of the volunteers and I really enjoyed the positive energy from the activities.” Says a Timken Volunteer.

Timken Staff Volunteer

A Day of Caring® is a United Way initiative of mobilizing local businesses, organizations and corporations to assist local non-profits, or individuals with limited ability, to complete essential tasks or projects that otherwise the non-profit may not have the capacity to accomplish. United Way of Northern BC connects those in need with corporate volunteers by identifying the needs of the community. It allows organizations to invest in their communities and promote volunteerism and teamwork within their organizations.

Timken Staff Volunteer

“I enjoyed being involved with the packing of back to school supplies for children in need. The well-organized crew made short the work of assembling 90 back packs. I felt very welcomed by everyone in attendance.” Says Breanna from Mills.

Mills Staff Volunteer

United Way of Northern BC emphasizes that ‘Days of Caring®’ initiative is essential to small non-profits that have limited resources and may struggle to complete projects. Organizations and corporations stepping up to help like this is truly an example of caring and being socially responsible. This assists in building one of United Way of Northern BC’s aims – to building organizational capacity and ultimately stronger communities.

Mills, Timken and other volunteers

If businesses or agencies would like to request a Day of Caring® – please contact Michele Brooke (details below).

  • Michele Brooke
  • Campaign Officer – North Central
  • United Way Northern BC
  • T: 250-561-1040 x 103
  • micheleb@unitedwaynbc.ca

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