United Way Sends Early Years On the Road

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Prince George, BC – United Way of Northern BC (UWNBC) was recently awarded $250,000 by the Ministry of Child & Family Development to strengthen Early Years initiatives for children 0-6 years old in the region. United Way understands every community has different needs and as a result, Sandra Sasaki, UWNBC Early Years Regional Director and Lori Armstrong, UWNBC Early Years Regional Coordinator, hit the road and spent time in Quesnel on Tuesday, September 19, meeting local stakeholders and community leaders.

What children experience in the womb and before the age of six has a lifelong impact on their ability to participate in the economy and in society. Ensuring every child receives the best possible start is an important investment in the future prosperity and quality of life for everyone in the province.

Research shows that every dollar spent in the early years (0-6) on quality learning, development, parenting and care programs brings significant future returns compared to money spent on later interventions.

Children whose development is nurtured early in life are more likely to be successful in school, finish high school and seek further education or training. Through Early Years initiatives, United Way of Northern BC is educating our communities on the benefits of a strong and healthy start to life.

“We want kids in Northern BC to become successful adults,” said Roberta Squire, CEO of United Way of Northern BC. “It really does take a village to raise a child, so we partner with provincial & municipal government, community and Aboriginal services, health, education, child care, recreation, and libraries to make it happen.”

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