A Springboard to Success

Thanks to your gift, Fardowsa connected with a United Way early-years program—one that has encouraged a love of learning and confidence in her daughters.

Like every parent, Fardowsa Weheliye wants to provide the very best for her children. But, as a single, unemployed mother of two, she struggled to give her young girls the best start in life. “They were shy,” she recalls. “Interacting and sharing with other kids was tough.” Things were hard on her, too—Fardowsa was feeling increasingly isolated. But, thanks to your generous support, Fardowsa was able to connect with a United Way program that provides young children with literacy training, arts and crafts, and music and dance activities—the vital building blocks they need to become prepared for school. The best part? It’s a welcoming space where kids and parents can forge new friendships.

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