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We help people get healthy and stay healthy, physically and mentally

Social isolation affects 17% of seniors living in small towns and cities in BC. We help seniors stay in their homes longer and connected with their communities. Just $523/year connects 86 isolated seniors to their community and allows them to stay independent and in their homes.
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Results Snapshot

Volunteers carry much of the load in delivering the work we do and helping with our annual fundraising campaign. Over 500 volunteers contributed to these efforts.
The United Way of Northern BC depends on the generosity of Northern BC residents. Across the north, 300 workplaces and more than 3,000 donors supported United Way Campaign.

To build neighborhoods that are vibrant and where residents experience a sense of safety and well-being, and can remain connected and involved in their communities.

United Way of Northern BC provides access to critical community health and social services that support individuals, families and seniors, particularly those struggling with mental and physical health issues, and reintegrate those returning to the community after being incarcerated or in treatment for alcohol or drug use.

Information and Referral Services
About a thousand calls a year come in to the United Way from individuals seeking information about community health and social services. The United Way is able to direct callers to the appropriate organizations and individuals. This reduces the frustration for the
caller, and helps non-profit organizations reduce the amount of time they spend on misdirected inquiries.

Transportation Assistance Program
Local United Way representatives and community members identified access to affordable transportation as a barrier in the communities of Quesnel and Prince George. In partnership with local city administration and transit providers, bus tickets are provided monthly
to health and social service organizations that help clients with emergency or critical needs.

Volunteer Leadership Development
Non-profit social service organizations almost always rely on the goodness of volunteers to achieve their goals. By providing a structured learning program in a number of areas related to non-profit organizations, United Way of Northern BC helps build the skills of volunteers and the capacity of organizations.