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Every year CPAH organises the Homelessness Action Week (HAW) – this year it was from October 11-17, 2015. HAW is an annual event held in over 20 communities throughout BC.

CPAH encourages agencies to host special events during this time period and highlights this to the media.

This year the following activities occurred:

  • Friday 7 October – The Fire Pit hosted a Thanksgiving Lunch.
  • Sunday 9 October – SVDP hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Sacred Heart Church – over 800 hot Turkey dinners were served.
  • Tuesday 11 October – Connect Day at PGNFC.
  • Friday 14 October – Pancake Breakfast was held at PGNFC.

ConnectDay2016CPAH hosts Connect Day during Homelessness Action Week and it is held the day after Thanksgiving. This year it was celebrated on  October 11 at the Prince George Native Friendship Centre.

250 backpacks were distributed within 1½ hours (these included – gloves, socks, hat, hygiene / dental kit, blanket, bus tickets and bus schedule). Clients were able to help themselves to jackets and other items that were laid out on a table. Lunch was provided. Two hairdressers were available to cut hair. A photographer took individual and small group photos.

5days for the Homeless

UNBC students participating in the 2016 5Days for the Homeless event.

5Days for the Homeless was founded by University of Alberta School of Business students. This initiative, after running very successfully for a number of years on the Edmonton campus at the University of Alberta, was taken national in 2008. This campaign has raised over $1.2 million for charitable organizations across the country and has spread its message from coast to coast at many educational institutions. Their mission is to increase awareness of homelessness and raise dollars for local charities. During the 5Days campaign, every March, students from across the country make personal sacrifices for their charity. Students forego their comforts and live outside on the campus for five full days no matter what the temperature.

University of Northern BC students, for the past several years, have participated in the 5Days Campaign and have chosen CPAH as their local charity. Funds raised have been used for backpack items that are provided to the homeless at Connect Day. CPAH is very grateful for this donation and works with the 5Days students to help provide educational information about homelessness.

This year, the Government of Canada, in partnership with 30 communities across Canada, will lead the first broadly coordinated Point-in-Time (PiT) Count of homelessness. This initiative takes place under the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS). It will be the first PiT Count coordinated in communities across the country, using a common methodology. Prince George is one of 30 communities to partner with the federal government in this initiative.

The 18th and 19th April 2016 marks the 24-hour period during which surveys will be conducted. This is an opportunity to enumerate individuals in the community who are, at that time, sleeping in shelters, on the streets, and in other public locations.

The PiT Count survey will provide vital information to participating communities about their homeless population, helping to identify their needs and plan their resources accordingly. The information collected will also contribute to the Government of Canada’s ongoing work in combating homelessness, and will guide the development of a broader strategy to help ensure that all communities have the opportunity to be part of nationally coordinated PiT Count.

“Through the Point-in-Time Count, communities across Canada will gain a better understanding of homelessness and will develop the necessary supports where they are most needed. I am pleased that the Government of Canada is actively participating in this collaborative effort in finding solutions to help Canadians lift themselves out of poverty.” – The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development.

Watch this CKPG interview with Kerry Pateman, CPAH Coordinator.