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We help kids get the education and opportunities they deserve

A key pillar in developing strong communities is ensuring kids can be all they can be. The United Way of Northern BC provides supports to help kids get the education they deserve, starting at the earliest possible age, and continuing through to adulthood.
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Results Snapshot

United Way supported 189 programs that enabled new parents to enhance parenting skills, engaged youth in programs to connect with recreation and leadership programs, and helped over 100 young adults explore employment opportunities in Northern BC.
0 in 4
One in 4 children enter school without being prepared to take advantage of learning opportunities. United Way of Northern BC places a heavy emphasis on the factors contributing to a lack of opportunity in the early years, specifically for those under that age of 6

To invest in children’s development from birth through to young adulthood, ensuring they have the opportunities they need to thrive.

At the United Way of Northern British Columbia, we know that each community is unique and we are working hard to build a northern voice for the Early Years Initiative. Together, we strive to ensure that all initiatives are community driven and work towards goals identified in each community’s strategic plan. Often in the Northern Region people can feel isolated, so we are always looking for ways to support and value everyone as we work together to collaboratively strengthen Early Learning Initiatives.

Together, the Success by Six and Children First Programs make up the Early Years Initiative. We combined Children First with Success by Six in Prince George, Quesnel, Mackenzie, and the Robson Valley communities. We also serve Success by Six in the communities of Burns Lake, Fraser Lake, Vanderhoof and Fort St. James, and work collaboratively with the Children First Contractor at the Smithers CDC.

We are working hard to support our Indigenous communities in the whole region. Our Indigenous Coordinators worked to identify and support initiatives throughout Northern BC. We bring awareness to each community about the United Way of Northern British Columbia, and how we enhance and support the Early Years Initiative. Additionally, we increase awareness on how the funds raised in each community stay in their community.

Community School Programs
United Way of Northern BC believes all children should have equal opportunities to make learning an enjoyable and lifelong experience. Part of that commitment includes providing a full-time community coordinator at an inner-city school serving marginalized populations of some 450 children and their families.

Mentor Me
The Mentor Me program provides youth the opportunity to be mentored by experienced professionals in the community. Through the program, young people learn useful industry knowledge, how to build networks and define for themselves where they want to go with their careers and still remain in their home communities. From it’s inception more than 225 youth have participated in the program.

Success By 6
Last year, $875,000 was invested in Success By 6 initiatives in 22 communities, 5 regional districts and 68 aboriginal communities