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Less than $1 a day can make you a Leader

Leaders are individual donors who demonstrate their commitment and social responsibility with contributions of $500 or more to United Way. When you give a Leadership Gift, you’re making a personal investment that reflects your desire and commitment to helping others in need. You’re also setting an example to motivate others to give at similar levels. You join a select group of generous donors who are committed to building strong, healthy communities.

Your Leadership Gift to United Way goes far by supporting the combined efforts of a network of programs and services. This network provides the most comprehensive support for an individual or family in need, and helps solve a range of community-wide and region-wide problems.

What your Leadership Gift actually costs

A $500 gift spread over the typical one year payroll deduction period with 26 pays, would cost $19.23 per pay. That amounts to $1.37 per day, which is less than a cup of coffee. Taking taxes into consideration, the average tax reduction* on a $500 donation amounts to $171.22 per year, reducing the actual cost of the donation to $328.78. In the end, that $500 donation costs you less that $1/day. Further, if your employer has a employee matching program in place, that $500 becomes a $1,000 investment in the community, that only costs you, the donor, $328.78.  *Based on 2015 taxes.

For more information about the Leadership Giving Program, please contact us.