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From Poverty to Politics

Rose wants to be the first Indigenous prime minister—and she’s on the right path thanks to a United Way program.

Rose overcame mental health struggles with the help of a United Way tutoring program

“Growing up was tough—I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety as a kid. By the time I was a teenager, most days I just wanted to sleep all day, rather than face the world. I couldn’t eat, shower or even brush my teeth.

In grade nine, I started attending a United Way-funded tutoring and mentoring program after school, and the support I had there made such a big difference.
During high school, my family struggled with poverty, which made life very hard. After we paid for rent or other necessities, sometimes we couldn’t afford to pay our heating bill, or had no money left over for food.

Eventually, my family of five became homeless and […]

Overcoming Homelessness to Help Others

Travis went from experiencing homelessness to studying at university. Now, he’s helping others get their lives on track.

Travis works part time at a local shelter, where he uses his own past to help people experiencing homelessness.

“Becoming homeless was really stressful. The first time I really didn’t have anywhere to stay, I spent the night on the shores of a lake in my neighbourhood. I didn’t know what else to do.

It started when I was 15—I was removed from my family home by the police when things got really bad one day. I ended up doing a lot of couch surfing, but thankfully, I only spent a few nights outside.

Things didn’t get better when I graduated from high school; they actually got worse. I was still angry and hurt. I ended up hitchhiking across the country, getting into drugs and living on the streets.

Homeless Action Week 2018 in Prince George – CONNECT DAY

On Connect Day, the Community Partners Addressing Homelessness connect homeless and homeless at risk individuals with agencies and resources that provide information, education and referrals. Backpacks with basic survival items are available.

Agencies wishing to participate are invited to contact Lynn Florey at or Kerry Pateman at

Donations of warm winter clothing & boots (new or gently used) would be appreciated.

Please bring to United Way of Northern BC office:
5th Floor, 1600 3rd Avenue by October 4th .

Click here to download the poster to put up in your agencies. 


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Finning Canada Collect Coats for Connect Day 2018

2018-2019 UWNBC Corporate Campaign Partners

Left to right: Natasha Visona, EH&S Coordinator, Finning Canada; Jessica Smith, Office Administrator, Finning Canada.

We are so excited to have Jessica Smith, Office Administrator lead her team at Finning Canada in this
year’s campaign from 30th October to 20th November 2018. We want to wish them all the best and have
lots of fun with your campaign.

Funds raised in the community, stay in the community. Your funds help in moving individuals From poverty to possibility; build Healthy people strong communities and help kids to develop into All that Kids can be.

The Finning team have started a clothing drive and are collecting coats and clothing to be made
available at “Connect Day” – held on Tuesday, 9th October 2018 in the Friendship Hall, Prince George
Native Friendship Centre.

This is an annual event that is hosted by CPAH (Community Partners Addressing Homelessness). On the day around 250 […]

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Sowing Seeds of Change

In response to a high unemployment rate coupled with low literacy, the Upper Skeena Development Centre created the Senden Holistic Youth Program that helps youth gain the confidence and life skills needed to become successful adults. With guidance and support from many local partners, a local advisory composed of elders, traditional knowledge keepers and service providers, and funding from the United Way of Northern BC, Senden programs build skills, knowledge and confidence for youth.

This program is unique in that in takes a holistic approach to youth development by focusing on connection – a connection to self, others and the land. By engaging youth and their families in gathering and growing food, and exploring traditional and modern teachings, the program cultivates personal and community well-being. Senden’s summer program runs from May to September and youth aged 17-26 come to the historic farmhouse three days a week to learn how to plant, grow, rotate […]

Good Food Boxes Deliver Healthier Eating in Dawson Creek

Imagine having to choose between feeding your family fresh fruit and vegetables and paying the rent. For many families in Northern BC, this is a stark reality.

Northern Health reports that our region has the highest rate of food insecurity in the province, with up to 19% of households not able to afford nutritious food to feed their families. Families who struggle to afford a healthy diet face increased depression, stress and social isolation. Children lack important micronutrients and risk increased chronic conditions like asthma and depression.

Network Ministry’s Good Food Box, a United Way supported program out of Dawson Creek, is working to change that.

Twice a month, volunteers gather to pack fresh fruit and vegetables into 140 boxes that are picked up or delivered to families who have been referred to the program by a Northern Health dietitian.

Jacqueline Janssen, Program Director at Network Ministries states, “The Dawson Creek Co-op picks […]

Nine Agencies Receive Over $720k to Fight Homelessness in Prince George

Prince George, BC – United Way of Northern BC, the community entity that distributes funding for the federally funded Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS), is pleased to announce a total of $727,327 will be dispersed to nine agencies to combat homelessness in Prince George for 2017-2019:

An Association Advocating for Women and Children (Prince George Housing First)
Aboriginal Housing Society of Prince George (Community Voice Mail)
• Active Support Against Poverty (Tenant Support Worker)
Northern John Howard Society (Transitional Housing Coordinator)
Prince George Brain Injured Group (Survival and Beyond Employment Program)
Positive Living North (Fire Pit Cultural Drop-In Centre)
Saint Vincent de Paul Society (Sustaining Positive Growth)
YMCA of Northern BC (Housing support for homeless and at-risk youth)
• Kerry Pateman Planning Services (Housing First Forum, Community Connect Day)

HPS is a federally-funded, community-based program aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness. It provides direct support and funding to organizations assisting […]

The Hero Effect Focuses on Hunger

“Katie’s Krops,” Airs on Saturday, June 10 at 10am EST or you can watch the episode here.

Research shows that kids who have healthy nutritious food to eat every day are more likely to succeed in school. And yet research also tells us that right now, one in 6 children in Northern BC face hunger. Children who are hungry are more likely to get sick, be slower to recover from illness more slowly, and be hospitalized more frequently. It’s a vicious cycle that undermines their success in school and life.

This month’s The Hero Effect episode focuses on Katie Stagliano’s efforts to stamp out hunger.

Katie Stagliano, 18, is a high school senior from Summerville, South Carolina. She is the founder of Katie’s Krops, a non-for-profit organization with the mission to empower youth, start and maintain vegetable gardens of all sizes, and donate the harvest to help feed people in need. The idea for Katie’s Krops […]

Laura Finds New Hope

Laura was 14 when she was put in foster care. Her family home was no longer a safe place for her due to physical and sexual abuse. After being moved through several foster homes, Laura began working the streets of Prince George at the age of 17. She began using drugs to numb the pain and to cope with her feelings of hopelessness.

New Hope Society, which receives support from United Way, is the only drop-in-centre in Prince George where individuals in the sex trade, like Laura, receive support and one-to-one counselling. New Hope’s Program Coordinator, Jan Wilson, runs weekly workshops on life about addictions, life skills, job skills and how to stay safe and healthy. “Most of the women we work with have been involved with the foster care system, and have not had good experiences. There is a lot of shame about their addiction, about their work, about their past. Sometimes it takes […]