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United Way Sends Early Years On the Road

Prince George, BC – United Way of Northern BC (UWNBC) was recently awarded $250,000 by the Ministry of Child & Family Development to strengthen Early Years initiatives for children 0-6 years old in the region. United Way understands every community has different needs and as a result, Sandra Sasaki, UWNBC Early Years Regional Director and Lori Armstrong, UWNBC Early Years Regional Coordinator, hit the road and spent time in Quesnel on Tuesday, September 19, meeting local stakeholders and community leaders.

What children experience in the womb and before the age of six has a lifelong impact on their ability to participate in the economy and in society. Ensuring every child receives the best possible start is an important investment in the future prosperity and quality of life for everyone in the province.

Research shows that every dollar spent in the early years (0-6) on quality learning, development, parenting […]

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United Way Receives $250k from MCFD for Early Years Initiatives

The United Way of Northern BC (UWNBC) will continue to make life better for children and families across the north thanks to a recent contribution.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development awarded $250,000 to the group on Monday that will assist Child and Family Early Year Initiatives across the region.

How the money is spent comes down to what each community needs.

“Stakeholders in those areas that are involved and very knowledgeable about early years and they then assess what their community needs for their area and then they just send in a proposal to us and we grant them that money,” says Roberta Squire, United Way of Northern BC CEO.

The new funding will go directly into programs and initiatives that will strengthen community activities and give parents increased support Squire says. “Northern BC for many years had one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada and the fact is children remain poor because […]

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A Springboard to Success

Thanks to your gift, Fardowsa connected with a United Way early-years program—one that has encouraged a love of learning and confidence in her daughters.

Like every parent, Fardowsa Weheliye wants to provide the very best for her children. But, as a single, unemployed mother of two, she struggled to give her young girls the best start in life. “They were shy,” she recalls. “Interacting and sharing with other kids was tough.” Things were hard on her, too—Fardowsa was feeling increasingly isolated. But, thanks to your generous support, Fardowsa was able to connect with a United Way program that provides young children with literacy training, arts and crafts, and music and dance activities—the vital building blocks they need to become prepared for school. The best part? It’s a welcoming space where kids and parents can forge new friendships.

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Children’s Bill of Rights Declared in Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain and Success by 6 Coordinator Kate Toye, along with City Councillor Blair Mirau (not pictured), announced the declaration of the Children’s Bill of Rights at the Children’s Day at the Park on July 9. (Picture courtesy of Mayor Brain’s Facebook page.)

It’s a resolution by Council that states:

THAT All children in the City of Prince Rupert regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, ability, and socio-economic status, have the right to safe, accessible, affordable, and inclusive opportunities THAT:

1. Meet their physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs;

2. Enable them to create, discover, explore, and learn to play in safe environments;

3. Promote sustainable living, clean air and water, and toxic free environments;

4. Encourage a strong sense of self-worth and belonging;

5. Recognize them as equal citizens and engage them to actively participate in decision-making that affects them; and

6. Ensure their voices are heard, respected, and valued by their local government.

Signed […]

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New Video Illustrates How 25 Cents Can Grow to Over $3 million to Benefit Young Children in BC

BURNABY, Dec. 1 – Research shows that healthy starts in the early years lead to bright futures. This is something that credit unions in BC recognize and actively support.

Every year BC credit unions contribute 25 cents per member to the Success By 6 initiative, a unique partnership between United Ways of BC, Credit Unions of BC and the Ministry of Children and Family Development. This early childhood initiative is dedicated to providing all children in BC with a good start in life.

To thank and recognize credit unions for having given over $3 million to the Success By 6 Provincial initiative so far, an informative and creative video will be officially launched on December 1, Canada’s Giving Tuesday.

The video provides an overview of the unique Success By 6 Provincial Partnership in British Columbia, highlights the co-operative work being accomplished in communities across the province, and recognizes credit unions and their members for their continued support of the initiative over the past 12 years.

“In […]

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